Who we are

CEC European Managers represents around one million managers in Europe through its national and sectoral federations. Managers play a vital role in Europe, both in the companies they work for and as facilitators of dialogue in society: it is about taking the right decisions to prepare a more sustainable and inclusive future.
At European level, we are one of the six EU cross-industry social partner organisations recognised by the European Commission. As the independent and autonomous voice of managers, we are making sure that the interests of managers as bridge builders between employers and workers are heard - since 1951.
With our action, we bring managerial and leadership issues to the center of the public debate. We are concinved that our knowledge, experience and competence can contribute to find comprehensive solutions to today’s challenges.
Our affliates, active both in the public and private sectors all share one feature: they enjoy a higher degree of authority and autonomy than other employees, as well as more responsibility in defning and achieving the goals of the company they work for. But the people we represent are also active and conscious members of the societies they live in, who know that the common welfare is an absolute pre-condition for a sustainable economic growth.
In its managers' resolution, CEC European Managers has drafted its own definition of the managers that it represents. We invite you to read more here.


Our mission

Our mission

As European Social Partner

- we strive for European integration;
- we contribute to find a balance between the economic performance of enterprises and income and social protection for the workforce. We raise awareness about the fact that managers and workers need different degrees of security and f
- we express and
defend the needs and opinions of European managers on current topics such as sustainable development, environmental protection, active ageing, energy self-suffciency, lifelong learning, active ageing, equal opportunities or diversity.

As leadership and policy researchers

- we provide relevant knowledge to managers and policy makers at the cutting edge of leadership and policy research. We take a holistic approach integrating public and private management principles as well as different research traditions;
- we contribute to strenghten the
quality of European management practices by providing best practices and raising awareness;
- we contribute to the debate on the
future of public policies from a managerial point of view

Our history

Managers were among the first categories to understand the need to have a representative organisation at international level. In 1951 the French, German and Italian confederations of managers and executives founded the CIC (International Confederation of Managers). Driven by the desire to participate more actively in the European Social Dialogue and the unification process, this international confederation evolved into a European-based confederation, the CEC – Confédération Européenne des Cadres, which was founded in 1989.



The French, German and Italian federations of managers and executives formed the CIC (International Confederation of Managers).


In the context of the strong development of European institutions, CIC becomes CEC – Confédération européenne des Cadres, to mark its ambition to play its role of social partner.


Formal agreement between CEC European Managers and Eurocadres to represent managers at European level via the Liaison Committee. CEC European Managers joins the employee delegation and commits more actively in EU social dialogue.


Official recognition of CEC as one of the six European social partners in the cross-industry and sectorial social dialogue.


In its study on the representativeness of European Social Partners, Eurofound confirms the role and position of CEC European Managers within the EU social dialogue.

Our structure

The management of CEC European Managers is ensured by a team of four Officers, elected every three years by the Steering Committee at the Congress. The current team, has been elected at the last Congress in Lisbon on May 25th 2005. A new Deputy Secretary General was elected by the Steering Committee meeting on October 13th 2016 in Rome.

Tor Haehre

Tor Haehre

Treasurer (Lederne - NORWAY)

The former Vice-President and Head of Information of Lederne Norway, now Political Advisor for the elected presidency, has held several positions as Head of Information and communication at national and local level. Among others, for the Oslo City Council, the Norwegian Bankers' Association, The Directorate of Norwegian Customs, Oslo University Hospital and the Norwegian Organisation of Civil Servants. Furthermore, he has, among others, worked as a journalist for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and Fremtiden daily newspaper.

Tor also has a degree in psychology from the University of Bergen.

With his background in journalism, communication and psychology, he is eager to strenghten CEC's contribution to public debates on management issues.

Catherine Houlmann

Catherine Houlmann

Deputy Secretary General (CFE-CGC France)

With a background in IT consulting in an international company, Catherine Houlmann has committed herself early to European Affairs. As the Vice-President of her federation FIECI-CGC, she has founded eTIC in 1999, the CEC federation of ICT sectors which she presided during more than 10 years. At the same time, she served as CEC Vice-President in charge of federations and developed the “CEC Sectoral Platform” to better take part in the European Social Dialog.

She later enlarged her international profile inside the Europe-International department of CFE-CGC (as an expert and then as national delegate) and through her participation to the work of OECD and ILO. She belongs to the tripartite delegation of France at the International Labor Conference of the ILO. She is also a substitute Member of the European Economic and Social Committee.

Ludger Ramme

Ludger Ramme

President (ULA – Germany)

Before being elected as President in 2015, Ludger Ramme was Deputy Secretary General of CEC European Managers for three years and Secretary General between 2006 and 2012. He had already been engaged in the European activities of CEC in previous years, especially as Deputy Secretary-General, between 1996 and 2006.

Ludger Ramme studied law in Konstanz, Münster and Barcelona. He gained his first professional experiences as legal consultant for the Federal Ministry of Science and Education in Bonn, before becoming corporate lawyer for the Flamingo Fish trade company in Bremerhaven. 

Luigi Caprioglio

Luigi Caprioglio

Secretary General (CIDA – Italy)

Graduated in Business Administration, Luigi Caprioglio studied in the Faculty of Economics & Commerce. He performed different positions in national and international companies in Human Resources, Finance and Administration, Management and Leadership, Purchasing, Quality and Safety. Since 1986 he held different manager positions: he worked until 2001 as Human Resources, Organisational Systems, and Purchasing Manager and as Vice-General Manager in a multinational company. After that, he was appointed General Manager for a manufacturing company, where he is currently working as Managing Director. Elected as Secretary General at the CEC Berlin Congress in 2012, he has been reconfirmed in the same position in 2015.

The Secretariat of CEC European Managers is located in Brussels, in the heart of the European district. With a staff of three permanent people, it ensures the functioning of the Confederations, implementing the policy orientations set by the political bodies of the Confederation and by the Officers’ Team

Matteo Matarazzo – Head of Office

Jean-Philippe Steeger - Policy and Communication Officer

Georgette Ould - Administration Officer

National Members

European Sectorial Federations

Through its 9 professional federations, CEC European Managers is also present in the sectorial social dialogue.


Euro- pean Association of Insurance Company Managers



European Commercial Managers Federation



European Federation for Managers in Technologies of Information and Communication



European Federation of Managers in the Construction Industry



European Federation of Managers in the Chemical Industry



European Federation of Managers in the Banking Sector



European Federation of Executives in the Sectors of Energy and Research



European Federation of Managers in the Steel Industry



European Managers in the Transport Industry




Serbian Association of Managers


ESHA - European School Heads Association/Association Européenne des Chefs d’Etablissement