CEC European Managers is partner with Eurocadres and other national managerial unions in a European project dedicated to analyse psycho-social risk factors specific to managers and professionals.

Because of their specific position within companies, managers are more subject than other categories or workers to stress, burn-out and other types of work-related psycho-social risks. At the same time, in their relationship with other employees and colleagues they have a responsibility in ensuring that the right preventive measures are taken to avoid that other employees are exposed to such risks on the workplace.

A series of seminars will take place in 2018 to investigate the issue and to identify best practices for managers and professionals. The first such seminars will take place next 3 and 4 May in Budapest. The following ones are scheduled for 20-21 September and 15-16 November 2018.

We invite you to read more about the project and the programme of the first seminar.