Consultations: access to social protection and written statement directive

CEC European Managers has participated to two recent consultations: one on the access to social protection and one on the written statement directive. CEC stresses its commitment in the current debate on social dialogue and contributes to address the challenges posed to the world of work.

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CEC responds to the public consultation on whistleblowers’ protection

CEC European Managers participated in the online public consultation on whistleblowers’ protection, launched by the European Commission. The issue about whether a EU system of protection for whistleblowers, whose activity has become more evident following the recent business scandals and the outcomes of the Luxleaks affair.

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European Pillar of Social Rights Consultation

In its response to the consultation, CEC European Managers has highlighted the importance of stimulating the creation of quality employment, combatting social exclusion and increasing European competitiveness through better education among others.

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Consultation on work-life balance

In its response to the consultation, CEC European Managers has emphasized the specificity of managers’ needs owing to their distinct tasks and responsibilities while underlining the importance of promoting an effective distribution of tasks among men and women, hence stimulating a higher participation of women in the working population.

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