Access to social protection - second phase consultation

CEC European Managers is in favour of extending social protection to those covered by atypical forms of work. Transferable individual social protection accounts could increase the transparency and usefulness of social protection in Europe. By extending the coverage to new types of beneficiaries, particular caution should be given to public spending.

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Dedicated hearing – initiative on the European Labour Authority and the European Social Security Number

European social partners, including CEC, have been invited by the European Commission to a dedicated hearing to know their positions on the two initiatives. CEC highlights that the consultation of the European Social Partners is fundamental to assure that the new initiatives are transformed into relevant, practical and coherent policy instruments.

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CEC welcomes Directive proposal for more transparent working conditions

The European Commission has published a proposal for a directive replacing the written statement directive in an effort to increase the transparency and predictability of working conditions and related rights. CEC European Managers had participated in the consultation (below) and is favourable to establishing clear minimum standards for employment relationships.

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EU company law consultation

CEC European Managers has participated in the consultation on EU company law launched by DG Justice of the European Commission. In its response, CEC highlighted the absence in the text of the consultation of any reference to the employment and labour rights-related implications of EU company law.

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Consultations: access to social protection and written statement directive

CEC European Managers has participated to two recent consultations: one on the access to social protection and one on the written statement directive. CEC stresses its commitment in the current debate on social dialogue and contributes to address the challenges posed to the world of work.

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