HMA Athens Conference on the role of management in Europe

On April 11th 2014 HMA (the Hellenic Management Association), in cooperation with ACEO (the Association of Chief Executive Officers), the two Greek members of CEC European Managers, organized a conference in Athens on the role of management in Europe.

The Conference, to which CEC European Managers contributed as co-organizer, was open to the participation of around 100 guests from all over Europe, holding managerial positions in European companies and dealing with organizational and managerial issues in associations and research groups. Other co-organizers of this event were the European Management Association, European NGO gathering national management associations with the aim of dissemination knowledge on management practices, and the European Association of National Productivity Centres (EANPC).

This one-day event was organized around four sessions, each one devoted to four distinct aspects: management and leadership, the importance of networking as a tool for development, managerial attitudes for the benefit of SMEs and innovation through management.

In her welcome speech, President Annika Elias reminded the great importance that managers play in shaping European economy, but also their great societal role and the deriving responsibilities towards European citizens in ensuring that economic progress goes hand in hand with civil and society progress. This consideration was at the same the opportunity to refer to the Call for Europe, the document approved by the Executive Board on the European elections: a call to all European citizens to vote for Europe, preserving the European structure and model against all forms of nationalism and anti-Europeanism. Later in the Conference, Ms. Elias intervened on the importance of networking tools for managers, bringing the example of CEC European Managers as a platform for exchange among managers from all over Europe.

Mr. Luigi Caprioglio, Secretary-General of CEC European Managers, moderated the seminar focused on the managerial needs of European SMEs. Because of his professional profile (Mr. Caprioglio is the managing director of an Italian SME), he could clearly represent the position of those companies, representing the structure of the European industrial system, which strongly need the support of professional figures to help them weather the competition of a globalized world.