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CEC European Managers has launched its fourth edition of the European Managers Panel on “Management in the Digital Era.” This years’ survey investigates managers’ challenges with regards to the implications of digital technologies on employment, the economy and ethics.

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The European Managers Panel (EMP) is an online survey tool designed to investigate what European managers think about a series of issues, ranging from European challenges to professional-related themes. The results of the spring 2018 edition will be published on our website.


It is important to give a voice to managers and to bring the positions and ideas of managers into the European public debate. The EMP is the first panel measuring the specific opinions of managers at European level, and as such, an important complement to national surveys.
Affiliates to CEC European Managers’ member organisations are distinguished by their high level of skills, representing a considerable share of the workforce who build a bridge between the employers and the workers. In this group you find professionals and middle managers up to senior executives and CEOs. Thanks to the EMP we get a more realistic picture of what there is to know about European managers and their expectations.


About 1400 registered panelists from the 14 CEC countries and beyond are asked to
regularly voice their opinion on relevant issues.


The past editions of the European Managers Panel covered following topics:
1) Situation of young graduates in Europe: The role of mobility and the potential of mentoring – May 2015
2) The most important challenges in Europe – December 2015
3) Managers’ values and identity in preparation of «Managers in Europe: vision, roles and values» – April 2016
4) The “leadership of the future” on organisational practices and leadership skills – May 2017.