CEC European Managers attends the Tripartite Social Summit

Last October 15th Ludger Ramme, President of CEC European Managers, participated to the meeting of the Tripartite Social Summit, on behalf of the Liaison Committee with Eurocadres.

At the Tripartite Social Summit Ludger Ramme focused on the digital revolution and on European solidarity being necessary to overcome the refugee crisis.
Ramme, President of CEC European Managers, stated that solidarity between European countries is necessary to overcome the refugee crisis and on the digital revolution. He
spoke on behalf of the CEC European Managers and Eurocadres Liaison Committee.

CEC European president Ludger Ramme said: “It is now vital for Europe to regain its productive capacity, taking advantage of the upcoming integration of digital and communication
technologies into objects, the internet of things. The adaptation to these new working patterns needs to be accompanied by a well-functioning social dialogue. The acknowledgment of the special role of social partners is one of the many applications of the “subsidiarity” principle. A reason more to demand that such a special role does not simply remain a Treaty-based statement, but can be applied and respected in all its aspects, including that of autonomy.

Social partners have to demonstrate their capacity and willingness to produce tangible results. The managers of Europe are committed to providing their contribution to the dialogue between the active economic and social forces of our countries. They serve as facilitators and bridge-builders between the needs and expectations of employees and employers, strengthening mutual trust and helping them better understand the position of one another”.

Ramme concluded “We are ready to provide our expertise and our competences in a spirit of cooperation and in the interest of a well-functioning and solid European economic and social model.

Please find the press release (pdf) below.