CEC is a European umbrella organisation with national members throughout the continent, as well as sectoral federations. The national member organisations assure the territorial presence, while its sectoral federations represent the specific interests of managers in the economic sectors.

National Members

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Sectorial Federations

Euro- pean Association of Insurance Company Managers

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eTIC – Federation of Executives and Managers of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Communication, Media, Culture and Services.

European Federation of Managers in the Construction Industry

European Federation of Managers in the Chemical Industry

European Federation of Managers in the Banking Sector

European Federation of Executives in the Sectors of Energy and Research

European Federation of Managers in the Steel Industry

European Managers in the Transport Industry


ESHA – European School Heads Association/Association Européenne des Chefs d’Etablissement

CIC – The Voice of Managers Worldwide

CIC International Managers is the first organization representing the interests of manager at international level. Created in 1951 as Confédération Internationale des Cadres, it is the forerunner of CEC European Managers and focuses on creating a world-wide network representing managers throughout the world. The mission of CIC can be described as follows:

  • to represent Managers’ interests at international level, when legislation on labour conditions, international trade, workers’ rights and development issues is adopted
  • to build a Managers’ network worldwide, helping managers to develop individual contacts all over the world and exchange on common issues,
  • to sign transnational agreements,
  • to monitor the issues of social dialogue at international level, ensuring the participation of managers and their representatives in collective bargaining and other forms of industrial relations on a global scale;
  • to convey the voice of Managers in a series of issues, ranging from international cooperation to the protection of labour rights.

Besides the different agreements that are signed at international level, CIC participates in the yearly meeting of the International Labour Conference (ILC), organized in Geneva by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in May and June.