We are

The Voice
of European Managers

Since 1951


Since 1951 we are

The Voice of European Managers

Social partner recognised

by the EU Commission


Who are the managers?

A manager is responsible for planning, directing, and overseeing the operations and employees within an organisation or a specific department. Managers plan strategies, organise resources, lead teams and control performances.

Managers are, therefore, leaders and bridge-builders between employers and workers. In Europe there are 10M managers.

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Who are our member organisations?

We are a European umbrella organisation with national members  and sectoral federations throughout the continent.

National member organizations ensure territorial presence, and sectoral federations represent the specific interests of managers in the economic sectors.

Our member organisations -representing 1M managers and leaders

National Members


Sectorial Federations




International representation


What is CEC European Managers?

CEC – Confédération Européenne des Cadres is the organisation responsible for representing leaders’ interests in the European Social Dialogue.

Managers were among the first categories to understand the need to have a representative organisation at international level.

In 1951, the French, German, and Italian Confederations of Managers and Executives founded the CIC (International Confederation of Managers).

Driven by the desire to participate more actively in the European Social Dialogue and the unification process, this international confederation evolved into a European-based confederation, the CEC – Confédération Européenne des Cadres.

What is our mission?

We are ensuring managers’ interests as bridge builders between employers and workers are heard.

With our actions, we bring managerial and leadership issues to the center of the public debate through EU projects and responses to the EU Commission‘s official consultations.

Who are we?

Executive Board

Maxime Legrand


Maxime Legrand is an economist, banker, and promoter of managers’ rights, voice, and professionalism. Following his doctoral economic research, he joined the business world as a bank director and business manager.

Torkild Justesen

Secretary General

Torkild Justesen has worked for the Danish Ministry of Justice, the Danish Employers and is currently director at LHO Denmark, one of Europe’s largest organisations of managers.

SILVIA PUGI, Deputy General Secretary, CEC European Managers (CIDA Manager)

Silvia Pugi

Deputy Sec. General

Silvia Pugi is responsible for sustainability at Manageritalia and represents Italian managers at the International Labor Organization within the United Nations. She also sits on the boards of various companies.

Ebba Öhlund


Ebba Öhlund has worked for the Swedish Red Cross, specializing in the international support of sustainable development and good governance. As Ledarna´s Deputy General Secretary, she is today responsible for the organisational strategy and its value platform.

CEC European Managers in numbers

1M managers

in Europe

15 countries

Social partner of the EU Commission

Since 1998, the EU Commission is required to seek CEC’s opinion and offer CEC the chance to enter into negotiations with employers on social policy and industrial relations issues

Our presence in Europe

Our member organisations represent leaders and managers’ interests in several European countries.

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