7/7 - Key Priorities - EU Elections: Open Invitation to Collaborate

7/7 – Open invitation to collaborate with managers and leaders – EU Elections

There are barely 3 days left for the European Parliament Elections. It is the 10th time that European citizens have been called to the polls and the first time since Brexit took place and the United Kingdom‘s peers left the European Union.

Since the last election, events have changed the world. The global epidemic caused by COVID-19 and the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine are two of the events that have had the greatest impact on us as a society. The general implementation of telework and changes in public spending to foster defense and industrial autonomy are the two main consequences of these events.


As European leaders, we have tried and are trying to link the vindication of the European Union’s values to professional excellence, social market economy, and the promotion of the EU pillar of social rights.

For this reason, a couple of months ago, we launched the Use Your Leadership campaign to encourage managers to spread the word and help put seven key priorities on the decision-makers table.

The European Parliament celebrated our campaign and invited us to collaborate and become an “official communication partner for the 2024 Elections”.

CEC European Managers wants to take advantage of this privileged position to launch the last of our priorities: “An open invitation to collaborate”.

Spreading the word through the EU bubble

CEC European Managers extends an open invitation to professionals, experts, policymakers and stakeholders to collaborate closely with us, contributing their insights and expertise to our shared objectives.

From our offices in the European quarter, right next to the EU Commission’s Berlaymont building, CEC European Managers’ team actively participates in embarking our members on consultations with the European Commission and is present at all kinds of events in which the rights and responsibilities of managers must be represented.

High-level conference in La Hulpe – 15&16 April 2024


We are convinced that managers’ positions should be maintained and expanded. That is why we make the voice of our million associates available to policymakers and European representatives. Our ultimate aim is to improve Europeans’ working conditions while fostering social dialogue, promoting justice and equality, and facilitating smart change.


7/7 - Key Priorities - EU Elections: Invitation to collaborate


















You can download and share the Open Invitation to Collaborate with CEC European Managers Linkedin carousel here +

Don’t forget to share the hashtag #UseYourLeadership.