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This is the roadmap for EU market’s future

"Europe needs a fifth freedom which includes free access and…
Smart Change - Key Priorities for Managers - EU Elections 2024

3/7 – Smart change – EU Elections

Smart change is about embracing innovation and technology while…
German managers are ready to face skills' shortage and can facilitate a just transitions for all and a successful migrants' integration process

German managers are ready to take up the challenge

During a recent visit to the Confederation of German Employer's…
Declaration of La Hulpe signature

Social partners celebrate the high-level declaration for EU social rights and economic prosperity

The three EU institutions, the EU Parliament, the EU Commission,…
Gender Equality - Key Priorities for Managers - EU Elections 2024

2/7 – Ensure gender (and diversity) inclusive workplaces – EU Elections

69% of Europeans consider gender inequality a serious problem…
Artificial Intelligence / Digitalization: Key Priorities for Managers - EU Elections 2024

1/7 Digitalization – EU Elections

There seems to be a global consensus regarding leadership…

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