European managers chose a new Executive Board in Copenhagen

CEC European Managers recently concluded its General Assembly at the Lederne Kompetence Centre in Copenhagen, and it was carefully organised by the CEC’s Secretary General, Torkild Justesen, and Anders Koch Hess.

During the General Assembly, member organisations re-elected Maxime Legrand as CEC President for a new 3-year term, alongside Torkild Justesen and Ebba ÖhlundSilvia Pugi was elected as the Deputy Secretary-General for the next mandate in Marco Vezzani’s place, who, after many years of commitment to EU social dialogue, is now leaving the floor to a new generation of leaders.

Regarding the Financial Control Committee, Paola Vitale and Anders Grahn joined Juan Antonio González Barriocanal, who was also re-elected for a second term.

This General Assembly has been an opportunity to reflect on the past three years and prepare the future, we assessed where we have succeeded and where we need to strengthen our efforts to fulfill our duties.

Maxime Legrand

President of CEC European Managers

President Legrand reflected: “We represent European managers, executives, professionals, and experts, the men and women who create positive impacts in their communities by investing time, energy, and resources in themselves to lead their companies and communities towards progress and success” and added “Our mission is to ensure that their voices are heard throughout Europe and that our European decision-makers are ambitious for Europe and for the benefit of all European citizens.”

In that sense, Olga Molina, Director of CEC European Managers, introduced CEC’s main achievements through the work done in Brussels, especially disseminating and advocating with the confederation’s position papers, EU Commission consultations, and participation at high-level events, following the invitations from the Spanish and Belgian presidencies of the Council of the EU, and engaging with EU Commissioners like Helena Dalli.

Molina reflected on the values and mission of CEC European Managers and encouraged member organisations to participate in the confederation’s decision-making process and in the European project Beyond Unconscious Bias, which will bring this hot topic to Rome, Copenhagen, and Paris within the next few weeks.

The best way to promote your own cause is to align it to the one of the Union

Olga Molina

Director of CEC European Managers

Pere Vilanova, the new Communications Officer, presented the communications plan for the new term and introduced the Activity Report 2021-2024 to the participants.

The communication plans to leverage this new outreach strategy will drive expansion and welcome new countries and organisations, echoing President Maxime Legrand‘s sentiments.

Cover Activity Report 2021 - 2024

Download Activity Report 2021 – 2024


Vilanova also highlighted the fact the CEC European Managers has become the only social partner to sign a specific agreement with the European Parliament regarding the EU Elections 2024.

In that sense, Vilanova explained that the European Parliament approached CEC European Managers to highlight our campaign “Use Your Leadership” and allowed CEC to become an official communications partner of this EU institution.

EU Parliament Partnership Agreement - Official Communication Partner EU Parliament Partnership Agreement - Official Communication Partner





After the presentations, and following the members’ speeches, the 2021-2024 executive team initiated new elections to select the upcoming managing team of the Confederation. Deputy General Secretary Marco Vezzani bid farewell to attendees as he officially announced his retirement and the EU representatives voted.

CEC European Managers General Assembly - 6 June 2024 - Copenhagen


CEC European Managers General Assembly - 6 June 2024 - Copenhagen

As a result, the newly elected CEC European Managers‘ executive team is now comprised of two women and two men, including Silvia Pugi from Italy as the Deputy Secretary General, replacing Marco Vezzani. President Maxime Legrand, Treasurer Ebba Öhlund, and Secretary General Torkild Justesen were all re-elected.

New Executive Board - 2024 - 2027 CEC European Managers



“You are in control”: A conference on AI with Margrethe Vestager

Margrethe Vestager, former Minister for Economic and Interior Affairs of Denmark (2011–2014), European Commissioner for Competition (2014–2019), and current Executive VP of the European Commission in charge of A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, was a special guest and participated in the second day of the meeting, during which CEC European Managers organised the conference “Sustainable Leadership in the Age of AI”.


We are all talking about change, and change is necessary, but change without leadership is nothing

Margrethe Vestaguer

European Commission’s Executive VP


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