Defending Democracy and Promoting Social Dialogue - Managers Priorities EU Elections

5/7 – Defending democracy and promoting social dialogue – EU Elections

The European Elections are just around the corner. Therefore, we are presenting our last key priorities gathered in our manifesto.

The fifth key issue EU managers aim to include on the political debate agenda is the defense of democracy and the promotion of social dialogue.

As one of the EU Commission‘s social partners, CEC European Managers is a nonpartisan organisation. That means we do not support any particular political option. We encourage participation in the European Elections, as we think progressing in EU unification and fostering citizens’ prosperity is only possible within the European Union democratic frame.

That is why we are expressing our firm support for democratic forces and encouraging our affiliates to lead conversations on the value of democracy and shared decision-making.

A democratic path, since 1951

Our mission began as a logical consequence of two World Wars, recognizing the pivotal role of managers during periods of far-right and communist regimes.

In 1951, the French, Italian, and German federations of managers founded CEC’s predecessor with a vision for a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous Europe. Since then, we have defended managers’ interests from our headquarters in Brussels.

CEC European Managers believes in staying faithful to our principles. We encourage managers, who are responsible for millions of workers, to advocate for democratic values.

As we already stated when sharing our first priority on Digitalization, people have the right to a human manager. Empathetic, caring, and efficient human decision-makers must lead workers. That includes the idea that managers should be democratic in their leadership because decisions must be legitimized.

We call on the future MEPs and representatives to unite citizens around ambitious and pragmatic policies for the future of Europe within the scope of human rights and shared values and ensure a fair sharing of the benefits of success. European policymakers should take leaders and managers voices into account.



In the face of the European Union‘s short—and medium-term future challenges, such as the enlargement process, the sustainable transition, or the ongoing debates around defense, policymakers are called upon to prioritize democratic values, inclusivity, and the fair distribution of success.

We encourage them to pursue ambitious yet pragmatic visions for Europe’s future, incorporating social dialogue into decision-making processes.

The aim is to build a stronger, more legitimate European integration that addresses contemporary challenges and instills confidence among citizens.

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Defending Democracy and Promoting Social Dialogue - Managers Priorities EU Elections - Linkedin Carousel