Managers in Europe: vision, roles & values

CEC European Managers, one of the six cross-industry European social partners, has published “Managers in Europe: vision, roles & values” at the occasion of a meeting with EESC president George Dassis on April 25 (find the article: here).
We, the European managers, believe that the problems our societies are currently facing also bear enormous opportunities, if we manage to formulate a common and inclusive vision for a more desirable future. The challenge is to give meaning and to structure the complexity of today’s situation in a way to allow for the full development of individual, organisational and societal potentials. With our contribution, we would like to put a strong emphasis on leadership that is needed for both formulating an inclusive vision and for an effective and sustainable implementation of proposed initiatives in the domains of:
Please find the full document “Managers in Europe: vision, roles & values” hereunder. The document is also available in French, German and Italian (hereunder).