Report: Beyond the hype – 5000 managers debunk myths around Artificial Intelligence

CEC European Manager’s Swedish member organisation, Ledarna, has recently published its landmark report on Artificial Intelligence. Based on the responses of 5,446 managers in Sweden, the study shows how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used within their organisations and what role AI may play in the future. The results show that human skills, competent management and a purposeful use of AI are the success factors to reap the benefits of this hyped technology.

Managers in general recognise that AI may lead to productivity gains and streamlining processes. It also reduced workloads and opportunities for business expansion. At the same time it should be pointed out that half of the managers think a lack of competence is an obstacle in the development of AI activities at their place of work. Shortcomings in the IT infrastructure are also mentioned as an obstacle.

Ledarna’s study comes to the following main conclusions:
• First of all, use of AI in Swedish companies and public organisations is at a considerably lower level than what has been suggested in earlier studies. AI will very likely be a crucial factor for the competitiveness of companies and the efficiency of public organisations in the future, but its implementation cannot be expected to happen overnight. The importance of this observation is not that the implementation of AI is at a low level, but rather that it must be allowed to take time.
• Secondly, the organisational work concerning the implementation of AI is not only necessary, but also significant for how the work progresses. AI is not just about technology, it is also about the ability of the organisation to benefit from the technology.
• Thirdly, managers are needed at many levels in order for the technology to become fully integrated in the organisation. The conditions and circumstances that the managers have to work with will also have a noticeable influence on the AI development. This also places demands on the managers’ competences and competence development. Managers don’t have to become AI experts, but they need to understand the technology and in particular how it can be used. For that reason, it is also highly relevant to ask oneself what lifelong learning for managers should look like in the future.

Please find the “AI beyond the hype” report here.