Protect employees: no way for a no-deal Brexit !

CEC European Managers calls for extending the transition period until Brexit in an effort to ensure that UK and EU negotiators find an agreement avoiding severely damaging consequences of a no-deal scenario. “Millions of workers and managers in Europe could find themselves in a legal void after Brexit” warns CEC Secretary General Maxime Legrand.

Besides guaranteeing residency and employment rights for current EU and UK expats under EU law, CEC demands that practicable solutions are found for post-Brexit labour mobility. Higher administrative burdens, the fragmentation of labour markets and the exclusion from labour rights are among the top threats for people who would like to gain work experience on the other side of the English Channel.

Mobile professionals significantly contribute to economic growth, innovation and cultural diversity, enriching the social fabric of our societies. Today, there are about 2,3 million EU nationals working in the UK while around 800 000 UK citizens live in another EU country. To avoid concrete damages to the affected families and individuals, as well as to European economic ties, a workable solution has to be found in mutual interest.

Looking beyond the potentially harmful effects of cutting down on migration, CEC also insists on maintaining close cooperation in research, innovation, trade and student mobility. “European states can only be strong, if they work closely together. This is even truer after Brexit. In a globalised world economy, we cannot afford to further fragment our political and economic union” concludes Maxime Legrand.


Please find the PDF version of the press release here.