Congress 2018: CEC elects new leadership


On 24 and 25 May, CEC European Managers held its triennal Congress in Mainz, Germany. At this occasion, a new Executive Committee was elected: Ludger Ramme (President), Maxime Legrand (Secretary General), Ebba Öhlund (Deputy Secretary General) and Luigi Caprioglio (Treasurer).

As one of the six European cross-industry social partner organisations, CEC is fully implicated in the European social dialogue. The President commented: “Managers act as bridge-builders in the companies they work for. We think they have to play the same role at social dialogue level too. We make sure that their independent voice is heard and their views on societal challenges understood”.

The Congress set the goals of the organisation for the next three years. “In Europe, nationalism and Euroscepticism are on the rise. Despite its countless advantages, Europe still sounds like an empty box for many. Like Jacques Delors used to say, it is difficult to fall in love with the single market. It is our duty to make everyone understand that Europe is much more than that. In this respect, defending and updating our social model is a priority for CEC”, added the President. At the same time, CEC will continue focusing on issues that are important to its people: the acknowledgement of the societal role of managers, gender equality, digitalisation and intergenerational shift only to name a few.

The Congress also hosted a seminar on Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. It focused on how the digital revolution is impacting companies and societies and what measures can be taken by managers and policy-makers. During the seminar, CEC presented the results of its latest European Managers’ Panel. More than 1400 European executives, professionals and managers were questioned about how the digital revolution has impacted on their professional lives over the last 10  years. The results of the panel underline how important responsible and human leadership will be for a sustainable development of our societies.

Please also find following further documents of the Congress 2018 below: