Manager marathon in Italy: preparing the recovery

Next Saturday 2nd May CEC’s Italian federation, CIDA, will organise an online marathon with more than 100 managers, who will discuss concrete proposals on how the de-containment process in Italy should look like.

For 10 hours, managers from all sectors, communication specialists and professionals but also political representatives and economic experts will take the floor to share their experience on how the Covid_19 crisis has impacted the economy and suggest the most effective strategies for successfully lifting lockdown measures. Instead of following abstract criteria and complicate rules that identify what economic sectors can re-start first, the government should listen to those who ensure the functioning of the economic system and follow their reasoned advice, based on competence and responsibility.

CEC’s Treasurer, Luigi Caprioglio, will be participating in the marathon, representing our European confederation and speaking about the role Europe has played in this crisis. “Europe has not collapsed during the crisis, but has actually been capable of ensuring its basic functions” says Luigi Caprioglio. “The crisis has also shown that no European country can successfully face the crisis by itself, and that solidarity must be the watchword of the European response”. Finally, national governments will have to show courage and take the right steps to move Europe forward. “Many of the shortcomings that have been reproached to Europe actually depend on the political will of Member states not to attribute to EU institutions the right competences. This crisis can trigger a new step in the European integration, and make Europe a political reality” concludes Luigi Caprioglio.

CIDA event, called “MaratonaManager”, will take place on May 2nd, starting at 10 am. You can follow it live on and on CIDA’s and CEC social media profiles.

You can watch below the intervention of our Treasurer, Luigi Caprioglio