The European Commission is starting to present its first proposals for concrete initiatives in application of the European Pillar of Social Rights, launched last April. European social partners have been consulted on two possible initiatives. The first one focuses on the issue of access to social protection, and aims at assessing whether there is room for a EU intervention to ensure that all individuals can have access to similar levels of social protection, irrespective of their employment status. In the second initiative, a possible revision of the Written Statement Directive is proposed, which would at the same tackle some shortcomings of the current directive and introduce new minimum criteria in terms of individual rights for the worker.

CEC European Managers responded to both consultations, to stress its commitment in the current debate on social dialogue and contributing to addressing the challenges posed to the world of work. As legal systems need to be updated to follow the diffusion of new forms of employment, it is necessary to ensure the same level of protection and possibility to access social provisions irrespective of the contractual classification of one’s employment status, while respecting all national specificities and distinct provisions applying to specific categories.

In parallel, we stress the importance that social partners start a dialogue on these issues, pursuant to their institutional prerogatives but also to proof their capacity to deliver.

We invite you to read the full text of our position papers below.