The European Commission launches a consultation on a quality Framework on Traineeships

After a first open consultation launched in the second half of 2012, European social partners have been consulted again by the European Commission for a second-stage consultation, to get their advices on how to further improve the quality of traineeships.

More in particular, European social partners were asked to give their opinion on whether the European Commission should intervene in this field and define some common principles and minimum quality standards for traineeships, and what these should be.

Managers have a precise role in preparing the future workers of tomorrow, irrespective of their professional roles. CEC European Managers think that traineeships have a great importance, and are becoming mutually useful for businesses and the youth. In this light, traineeships should not be seen as a less expensive way to replace skilled workforce, but need to provide real training to students and young professionals while ensuring some sort of financial contribution.