Publication: AI Leadership and Partnership

The growing prevalence of the use of Artificial Intelligence in management requires new ways of looking at AI governance and innovation. Following the adoption of the EU’s AI Act, CEC European Managers publishes a new position paper to make the case for a complementary approach to AI. To promote the purposeful development of AI in the EU, a greater emphasis on leadership competences, innovation partnerships, and social dialogue is now needed.

“Both leadership and social dialogue will prove to be an important element in making AI a success in the EU and beyond.“ President Maxime Legrand

To make Artificial Intelligence (AI) a success in the EU requires a clear purpose, inclusiveness, and innovation partnerships. Today, the EU counts around 10 million managers who take millions of decisions a day. Therefore, it is key to consider how leaders approach Artificial Intelligence. With legislative EU developments through the AI Act and liability rules, it is now time to promote AI leadership, bottom-up governance and innovation made in Europe.

The purpose of this CEC position paper on Artificial Intelligence is to lay out the role of leaders in promoting AI development. Since technologies reflect societal choices and cultures, leadership plays a key role in clarifying the vision, values, and processes around AI development – within the workplace, in policymaking and beyond.

Against that background, the positions in the position paper by CEC are based on the core values that underpin CEC’s work: Sustainable Leadership, democratic values, and human responsibility for the impact of AI systems.

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