Sustainable Leadership Guidelines

Guidelines: sixteen steps for sustainability impact

Drawing on the great interest for its work on Sustainable Leadership, CEC European Managers has published practical guidelines for leaders on sustainability. While many resources exist today to support leaders on their sustainability journey, the landscape can be quite complex and overwhelming. Against that background, the guidelines provide orientation and inspiration to advance on making the business model, products, and services more sustainable.

Leaders and managers are in a key position to make their business fit for the future. With the complex and interconnected challenges at hand, it is however sometimes difficult to identify steps towards improving the sustainability impact of the organisation.

These guidelines support leaders, particularly from SMEs, in moving towards a positive impact on economic, social, and environmental sustainability. The approach is based on a win-win principle to ensure that sustainable action also pays off.

In addition to the practical steps for integrating sustainability, the document also identifies leadership drivers to leverage impact within and beyond the organisation. Rather than just implementing tools, leaders need to look at the big picture to achieve more systemic impact.

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