CEC at the Tripartite Social Summit: Europe must now ensure energy security

At the Tripartite Social Summit on 19 October 2022, CEC President Maxime Legrand pointed out the necessity of a swift and common EU reaction to ensure that energy prices remain accessible, to ensure that business can continue. If this scenario is not avoided, entire sectors of our economies will not survive, and the capacity of the EU to deliver on long-term strategic objectives will be thwarted.

Ahead of a fundamental European Council, CEC has participated in the meeting of the Tripartite Social Summit, the most important institutional event in the social and employment domain. The President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, representatives of the Trio Presidencies gather with EU social partners to discuss the main developments in social policies and exchange on the solutions to adopt to tackle the crisis. The topic chosen for this fall’s edition is “Tackling the energy crisis and the cost of living crisis: How to protect the economy, businesses and workers”. CEC European Managers participates in the Tripartite Social Summit as part of the employees’ delegation, chaired by ETUC, representing the EU managerial workforce via the Liaison Committee, established with Eurocadres.

In his speech, Maxime Legrand presented some indications on what measures should be adopted to make this possible. In the short run, it will be necessary to stop speculation and continue allowing Member States to provide financial support to households and companies. In the long run, a reform of the EU energy market is essential, to ensure energy security.

You can read the full speech here.