CEC European Managers addresses European leaders in these times of multiplying crises.

Reflecting on the consequences of policy interventions in these delicate times for Europeans and businesses, European managers reaffirm the importance of leadership and their support to EU deciders.

On the eve of the Extraordinary Council of Energy ministers of September 30th, CEC European Managers wrote to the Presidents of the European Commission and the European Council, the Commissioner for Energy and the representatives of the Czech Presidency, to share its views on the intertwined implications of the multiple crises that our continent is experiencing and how policy should address them.

In particular, the message to EU leaders focused on the necessity for EU policy-makers to deal with the immediate consequences of the energy crisis, which is causing sky-rocketing price levels and could concretely bring our continent to experience severe blackouts during winter. In parallel, as the war in Ukraine continues and worsens, risks for an overall systemic crisis become more and more real, creating a context that would make it impossible for the EU to focus on delivering on strategic priorities and objectives like the green transition or digitalization.

For this reason, difficult decisions will be made, and a prioritization of policy objectives will become necessary. These include, for instance, intervening on the functioning of the EU energy market, as announced by the European Commission. Leadership will be essential in this process, and in this respect managers are in an excellent position to provide support and advice.

You can read the full letter here