CIDA: 70 years of innovative leadership

CEC European Managers has participated in the celebration of the 70th birthday of CIDA in Rome. The Italian organisation is one of the founders of CEC European Managers and looks back on a remarkable history.  The eternal city has also served as location for the election of the new Deputy Secretary General, Catherine Houlmann during the CEC Steering Committee meeting.

    The CIDA birthday celebration has been attended by a considerable amount of politicians, academics and non-governmental organisations in the Italian Parliament on October 14th2016. Founded shortly after the atrocities of the Second World War, the young Italian managers’ organisation quickly became one of the drivers of the social, economic and political reconstruction of the country. CIDA president Giorgio Ambrogioni highlighted that CIDA has always been an active promoter of an integrated and social Europe. The promotion of European dialogue and integration were the reasons for founding the CEC predecessor CIC, together with their French and German homologues.

    The CEC president, Ludger Ramme, added that “only cooperation and mutual trust can overcome differences among European states. This is as valid today as it had been 70 years ago.” The new social, economic and environmental challenges Europe has to face today require the elaboration of innovative and powerful visions for the future development. Therefore, CIDA took the initiative of formulating proposals in their European Manifesto for Management. The call aims at encouraging a sustainable and inclusive development by actively promoting a dialogue of civil society actors across the continent. CEC European Managers has contributed through a fact checking assessment of the current socio-political situation.

    The CEC has taken the opportunity of the symbolic celebration to organise its Steering Committee meeting one day before in Rome and is pleased to announce the election  of Catherine Houlmann as CEC Deputy Secretary General. She is responsible for European affairs in the French member organisation CFE-CGC and has been a member of the CEC Steering Committee for several years.

    Please find the pictures of the birthday celebrations on our flickr account.