Conference on Leadership of tomorrow

On 19 June 2013, CEC President Ms. Annika Elias took the floor to speak about Leadership and Management in Europe at a conference entitled “Leadership of tomorrow” in Essen, Germany. The Conference was organized by ULA, the German Member of CEC, in cooperation with EAF, the German Academy for Women in Politics and Business.

In her speech, the CEC President, focused on the urgent need for Europe to change its attitude towards leadership and the managers on several aspects. Moreover, Ms Elias exposed the main challenges that managers are facing in Europe today. That is to say gender equality, ageing population and ethnical background; they are the three main issues, in the area of personnel management, that are hindering the European competitiveness. Indeed, the president pointed out that in this time of recession Europe should act and find solutions to these growing problems in order to take out of the crisis.

Ms. Elias described precisely the current difficulties in the leadership and management areas in Europe. In her address she suggested, possible means to solve the issues of gender, age and ethnic differences. All the propositions made support the general idea of a modern and diverse management and leadership, taking advantage of the unused potential of female, senior and ethnically diverse workers.