Conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights

On 23 January, CEC President Ludger Ramme took part in the closing conference “The European Pillar of Social Rights: going forward together” in Brussels organised by the European Commission. At the conference, the results of the public consultation and the potential future direction of the European Pillar of Social Rights were discussed. A white paper on the Pillar of Social Rights is expected later this year.

Pointing to the relevance of a renewed European social model, Ramme said: “the expressed need for a social pillar reflects the willingness to tackle the deep social problems we can see in Europe today. As European social partner, we are committed to find comprehensive and common solutions for more inclusive and social policies. Managers can contribute by mainstreaming lifelong learning as an attempt to increase the employability of workers. The skills of the workforce will decide about the future competitivity of Europe in a globalised world”

In its response to the consultation, CEC European Managers stressed three main priorities concerning the future of employment and social affairs: the need to support the creation of quality employment, the fight against social exclusion and poverty and the necessity to prepare Europe to the many challenges (economic, social, and technological) of tomorrow.

CEC has welcomed the initiative of the European Commission but also highlighted some weaknesses of the structure proposed.

Please find the CEC response to the consultation here