The history of the European Union is the history of a continent learning to accept its diversity after the tough insights of two world wars. The European project is about debating together, learning together and taking common steps together.

As a project, it is open to changes. In times where democratic legitimacy is questioned and where the digital revolution opens up new horizons of opportunities, we need to formulate a common and sustainable vision for the future of the European Union.

We welcome the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome as an opportunity to highlight the EU’s most important achievements for society in general and managers in particular. Our dedicated social media campaign #managersforEU (below) concentrates on four major aspects: our ideas, our wealth, our leadership and our relationships.

We at CEC European Managers will closely follow and critically accompany the discussion on the future orientation of the European Union. We will make sure that our common values and achievements in terms of democracy, social policies and competitive advantages are respected and developed.

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Campaign duration: 20 – 26.03.17
Developped by CEC European Managers