European Pillar of Social Rights Consultation

In its response to the consultation, CEC European Managers has highlighted the importance of stimulating the creation of quality employment, combatting social exclusion and increasing European competitiveness through better education among others.

The European Commission launched in March of 2016 a public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights. CEC European Managers has participated in the long consultation process that lasted throughout the whole year, and has responded to the consultation with a paper in December 2016. CEC has welcomed the initiative of the European Commission but also highlighted some weaknesses of the structure proposed, and finally underlined the most relevant aspects of interest for the managerial workforce.

Concretely, CEC European Managers stresses three main priorities concerning the future of employment and social affairs: the need to support the creation of quality employment, the fight against social exclusion and poverty and the necessity to prepare Europe to the many challenges (economic, social, technological) of tomorrow. The speed of change in the way we produce, work, learn and express our social potentialities is increasing, and we need policy responses that can follow this acceleration without jeopardizing the levels of social protection that characterize our common European social model. Other priorities include the focus on education, including high-level skills and continuous training, the contrast to any form of discrimination (both on the workplace and in the society) as a means to fully exploit the economic and social potential of all individuals and the focus on social dialogue, provided that all representative forces participate significantly in it.

Photo credit: cc Frans de Wit, flickr