#EuropeDay2022: Managers for democracy, sustainability, and youth

On the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundation to the European Union, CEC European Managers reinforce its support to the Institutions and solidarity to the Ukrainian people.

Reinforce our values

On this Europe Day, CEC European managers wants to reinforce its full solidarity to the Ukrainian people as they continue to fight for democracy and freedom every day since last February. CEC’s president Maxime Legrand said: «Now is the time for Europe and the European Union to reaffirm its attachment to unity and peace. Together we must promote values of freedom and make sure they display throughout our society. »

It is important that European managers continue to show flexibility and strength both on the mental and organisational level to defend these values on the workplace too.

Another challenge Europe must face with dignity is perhaps the transition to a greener and more sustainable economy. CEC’s focus on Sustainable Leadership will guide managers to adopt the best practices within their company and to be the drivers of this shift.

This time again managers must be part of this fight to preserve our planet and our values.

A future for young Europeans

2022 is also the European Year of Youth, and as representant of the managerial workforce, we encourage younger managers to take responsibilities and to embrace strong leadership values. Being a manager is a great opportunity and they must continue to be part of the change.

Maxime Legrand commented: “Younger managers will play an important and perhaps decisive role in the future. It is all the more important that they are trained and up-skilled on essential and crucial topics and take their part in shaping the world either as professionals or as citizens. Above all, we must ensure we leave them a Union that is functioning efficiently and where democracy and sustainability prevail”.

On this day, at the European Parliament of Strasbourg, the members will receive a report on the conclusions of the Conference of the Future of Europe. This will be a time to consider the challenges that the Europeans are facing and to provide strong responses to overcome them.

Most of all, this day allows all social partners, the civil society, and the Institutions to reflect on cooperation and to build a greater and better future for our children: « The moment is crucial and corresponds to a time when managers in Europe want more than ever to influence decisions and present their contributions as a part of the solutions. » concludes Maxime Legrand.