Managers should have a say in European Works’ Councils

In its response to the European Commission’s consultation on European Works’ Councils, CEC European Managers underlines the importance of a specific and distinct representation of managers. With the stagnating creation of European Works’ Councils and practical challenges in their work, a new directive is needed to address incoherences and discrepancies of the current legislation. EU action in this area should aim at improving the scope, effectiveness, and quality of the work of EWCs. Today, only 1000 out of 3678 multinational undertakings have an agreement

Today, European Works’ Councils face several challenges in conducting their work effectively. The insufficient consultation and information of workers, vague legal definitions, as well as power imbalances count among the factors that may have contributed to the limited success of EWCs. Furthermore, managers are often not represented as a distinct occupational category. As bridge-builders between employers and workers, the managerial perspective is of great importance in making EWCs fit for the future. Against that background, CEC calls for a new Amending Directive that strenghtens protective provisions of this important body of democracy within multinationals.

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CEC response to the EWC consultation of the European Commission