Job attractiveness key to tackle labour shortages says Maxime Legrand at Social Summit

In his speech at the Tripartite Social Summit on 25 October in Brussels, CEC President Maxime Legrand highlighted the importance of making jobs attractive to tackle labour market gaps. In the context of increasing labour shortages, there is a key role for leadership and social partnership to promote lifelong learning and job matching.

The European Year of Skills is an invitation to deliver concretely by investing in workers’ and managers. We can capitalize on improving the attractiveness of the EU labour market to recruit workers both from within and outside the EU” said Maxime Legrand

The Tripartite Social Summit is the EU’s flagship event around employment and social affairs. With the Presence of the Presidents Von der Leyen and Charles Michel, as well as Prime Minister Sanchez, representatives from EU institutions and social partners have met to discuss key EU priorities. This edition is marked by a context of inflation, energy challenges and labour shortages. To promote the EU’s innovation capacity, particularly in the green and digital sectors, an investment in competent managers and workers is needed.

Managers play a key role in recruitment, skill development and accompanying employment developments through social dialogue. That’s why CEC’s vision is to “make social dialogue about co-shaping crucial issues structuring our economy and society.” To ensure the EU’s sustainable development in the future, Maxime Legrand concluded his speech by highlighting that “we need leaders who can take people on board and restore trust. With record levels of resignations and mental health issues, it’s about rethinking the design of organisations and policies”.

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picture: participants of the Tripartite Social Summit with President Maxime Legrand in the middle, second row
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