A new leading team at the head of CEC European Managers

On May 27th 2021,the General Assembly of CEC European Managers elected a new Executive Board. Its members are Maxime Legrand (President, from CFE-CGC France), Torkild Justesen (Secretary General, from LHO Denmark), Marco Vezzani (Deputy Secretary General, from CIDA Italy) and Ebba Öhlund (Treasurer, from Ledarna Sweden).

European Managers have chosen the representatives to steer their common European organization, CEC European Managers, for the next three years. Due to the current health context, the elective General Assembly was organized in an online format, with more than 50 delegates from all over Europe.

The newly elected President, Maxime Legrand, said: “The responsibility European managers entrusted me and my fellow colleagues is proportional to the role that managers play in the society. It is managers who drive forward our economies, taking the right decisions to allow for change and ensure the basis of our collective wellbeing, federating all other stakeholders. Their professional commitment is indispensable if we want our societies to continue thriving in increasingly uncertain times. And it is our precise intention to have their voice heard even louder in Europe, and everywhere their work makes a difference”.

The General Assembly held in May will be followed  by a meeting in Lyon, organized on October 7 and 8. There, CEC member organizations will gather after more than 18 months of forced distancing to debate the platform of action for the mandate. “Our meeting will also offer us all the occasion to thank our predecessors, among whom Ludger Ramme and Luigi Caprioglio, for their long and dedicated work for CEC throughout these years”, added Maxime Legrand. “With their dedicated work, they have marked CEC in the interest of European managers”.

In the course of the mandate, CEC will bring forward the competence and skills of CEC affiliates on key issues for the future of Europe: from the transition to a sustainable future to gender equality, from re-industrialization to a new European strategic autonomy and new forms of work.