Activity Report 2018-2021: Solid Foundations for Changing Times

The Activity Report 2018-2021 highlights CEC European Managers’ main achievements in the areas of social dialogue, policy advocacy and membership activities. With the end of the mandate of President Ludger Ramme and his team, it is an occasion to look back at the successful last years. Besides positioning itself as a leading voice on Sustainable Leadership, CEC has also contributed to shaping political developments on gender equality, digitalisation and employment, among others. From the EU Green Deal to bringing in the managerial voice at the Tripartite Social Summit with EU leaders – managers have much to say about putting the EU transition into practice.

“As the newly elected President of CEC European Managers, I would like to thank Ludger Ramme and Luigi Caprioglio for the great achievements we made together in the last three years. As the Activity Report shows, can now build on even more solid foundations to develop our activities. Managers are part of the solution for a sustainable, social and innovative Europe.” Maxime Legrand, President

In the period from 2018 to 2021, CEC European Managers has been able modernize its organization, leverage its impact and multiply its deliverables for individual managers and its member organisations. Besides its flagship Sustainable Leadership EU project, CEC has also participated in four other EU projects to provide managerial expertise. To ensure the future-fitness of EU industry, social systems and employment quality, CEC European Managers has participated to numerous consultations by the European Commission, both as institutional social partner and through its advocacy activities on issues beyond its institutional competencies.

The two-pillar strategy, which had been launched by former President Ludger Ramme, has proven to deliver on CEC’s objectives. The social dialogue pillar has led to positioning CEC European Managers as an autonomous voice in European social dialogue, via projects, as well as position papers and stakeholder engagement. The leadership pillar on the other side has produced concrete value for managers and managerial organisations, through trainings, publications, leadership advice and strategic partnerships. The Activity Report gives an interesting summary on the key issues that have been important both for CEC and the EU as a whole.

Please find the Activity Report of CEC European Managers here