“Managers are part of the solution” says Maxime Legrand at International Labour Conference

During his speech at the 111th plenary session of the International Labour Conference, President Maxime Legrand highlighted the need to make managers part of decision-making. Managers have a key role to play as bridge builders between workers and employers. For building a future-fit economy, we need need to have their voice heard and better leadership to deliver.

“As a manager, you take responsibility, with expertise and a team. You agree to take a collective with you, whatever the size and form that it takes: a team, a workshop, a trade union organization, a company, a city, a country. When we get involved in organizations like ours, a managers’ union, it is of course also to have an impact, around us, in our company and more generally in the society in which we live. As an organization representing managers, we therefore have a dual commitment.” Maxime Legrand, President

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