Statement: managers make sustainability top priority

As the organisation representing exclusively managers in Europe, CEC European Managers has adopted its new vision and mission statement on Sustainable Leadership. The document is a strategic compass that will inform how CEC can deliver on the expectations of its membership. It lays out how CEC sees leadership evolve by 2030 and what is needed to achieve that vision.

Europe faces unprecedented challenges. The consequences of the war in Ukraine, inflationary tendencies, and the supply chain effects of global warming count among risks managers are confronted with today. This complex reality requires leaders able to deal with complexity, while walking the talk on delivering organisational success in turbulent times. We need European leaders that think bigger and move past current divisions and limitations.

As the voice of European managers, we see it as our responsibility to empower leaders’ in making their business model, workplace and impact future-fit. Our means: developing professional management, sustainable leadership and more diverse social dialogue. Through CEC’s advocacy, EU projects, membership services and leadership development activities, we ensure that managers benefit from resources to deliver on economic, social and environmental sustainability and resilience in their daily work.

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