Managers crucial in creating a LGBTIQ Freedom Zone

CEC European Managers welcomes the European Parliament’s resolution to declare the European Union a LGBTIQ Freedom Zone. Following the establishment of “LGBT Free Zones” in Poland, it is imperative that the EU pushes human rights law enforcement on the ground. For that to happen, much more also needs to be done to mainstream diversity and inclusion in workplaces. As one of the top out executives on the European scene, our President Ludger Ramme answers the most important questions on how managers can do that.

In the interview, conducted by Jean-Philippe Steeger (CEC / ManagersForFuture), Ludger Ramme gives a personal testimonial on his professional experience and clarifies important drivers for non-discriminatory and truly inclusive leadership for both LGBTIQ and others.

  • How does it feel to be a LGBTIQ manager?
  • How can managers contribute  to making their workplaces more diverse and inclusive?
  • What benefits do LGBTIQ people bring to their professional and private environments?
  • How can we support non-discriminatory practices in places like the Polish so-called “LGBT-Free Zones”?

Please find the complete interview with Ludger Ramme, President of CEC European Managers below and discover more about the managerial rainbow world.

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