Members’ News 116


Female Leaders of the Future

Ledarna’s event Framtidens kvinnliga ledare (The Female Leaders of the Future) celebrated 15 years in May. The list compiles 75 top female executives from different sectors. The purpose of the activity is to turn the notion of leadership as a male arena upside down, meanwhile highlighting top talent and strong leadership.

This year’s winner, Helya Riazat is the principal and co-founder of Järvaskolan. It’s a secondary school located in a vulnerable area, where many cultures and languages mix. Under her leadership, 90% of the pupils graduate, and she has managed to engage parents in several school activities.

The online broadcast included guests such as Sweden’s Minister for Gender Equality, Märta Stenevi. She had a discussion with our Chairman Andreas Miller. Other guests included experts on inclusion and equality. The event had 2,100 views and was hosted by the TV presenter Lina Thomsgård.

The winner was featured in Sweden’s largest news daily and on two national radio shows. There were a record-breaking number of articles. Each candidate got a tailored profile image with the FKL logo, which led to wide coverage in social media where they shared their individual success stories.


How to overcome the Gender Pay Gap

CIDA proposes to reduce the quite significant gender gap in salaries by two strands of action. First, putting in place corrective measures to favour a cultural change with regards to the Gender Pay Gap, including adapted social protection. Second, adopting operational tools for equal pay such as transparency rules.

This position of CIDA has been voiced on 19 May 2021 at CIDA’s intervention at the Italian Parliament’s audition of the Employment Committee in response to the EU directive on the application of equal pay between women and men. The latter determines that regardless of gender, the same position or work at same value should lead to equal pay. To achieve equal pay, salary transparency mechanisms need to be foreseen.

In its intervention, CIDA has also referenced to positions on gender equality in leadership formulated by CEC European Managers at European level.

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