Out now: Telemanagement Guidelines

Managers play a key role in making remote and hybrid work a success. Despite the surge in telework, there has been a gap in professional and purposeful telemanagement. CEC Eurpopean Managers’ Telemanagement Guidelines therefore provide comprehensive resources for relevant stakeholders such as team leaders, policy-makers and social partners.

“It is up to the managers to establish and secure clear objectives for telework, to make sure that they are communicated, understood and implemented as part of the company culture.”
Maxime Legrand, President

The new world of work is here to stay. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, what had been previously thought as impossible has been done in record time. Digitally supported working environments have become common.

At the same time, a wave of resignations and unprecedented mental health problems have put the topic of work purpose and smarter ways of working at the top of leaders’ agendas.

Against that background, responsible leadership is key for designing workplaces in a way to promote employee wellbeing, organisational success and more sustainable impact.

The guidelines provide leaders and managers with relevant information on telework in Europe, hands-on advice for telemanagement and further resources to make telemanagement a success.

Telemanagement Guidelines