Event: Designing AI for People, Planet and Prosperity with Nicolas Blanc

picture: illustration generated by AI

Artificial intelligence has entered many aspects of our private and professional lives. Whereas the opportunities are enormous, the EU doesn’t make full use of its potential to become a driving force for business development, human well-being, and threatened natural ecosystems. The CEC webinar on Artificial Intelligence will explore the role of leadership and bottom-up governance in getting the most out of AI.

The “Designing AI” webinar will take place on 30 January at 17:30 – 19:00h CET online. We will start with an introduction about Artificial Intelligence in Europe’s world of work today, before clarifying the differences between AI, machine learning and deep learning. CEC working group member and OECD expert on AI, Nicolas Blanc, will give an overview on relevant AI legislation in Europe, cases of algorithmic telemanagement in HR and opportunities for bottom-up governance, social dialogue in particular.

Beyond the digital champions from the US and China, CEC European Managers is convinced that the EU can lead by example in designing AI systems in a way that promotes social and environmental well-being and Europe’s unique economic structure. Our CEC webinars explore contemporary leadership and management issues to contribute to the success of leaders in transforming their organisations purposefully. The webinar is hosted by the CEC working group on Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, who will soon publish its “Telemanagement guidelines: leading teams in digital working environments.”

Webinar agenda: Designing Artificial Intelligence for People, Planet and Prosperity

1. Welcome by Maxime Legrand, President of CEC European Managers

2. Introduction: “State of the Art and Potential of Artificial Intelligence in European workplaces” by Jean-Philippe Steeger, Policy and Project Officer of CEC European Managers

3. Presentation: “Rethinking governance and design of Artificial Intelligence systems” by Nicolas Blanc, National Delegate for Digital and AI at CFE-CGC; OECD expert on AI; member of CEC working group on Digitalisation and AI

4. Open exchange with participants

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