CEC European Managers has participated in the negotiation on a framework agreement on active ageing with the other European social partners in order to promote inter-generational labour market inclusion. It is the result of the social partners’ common 2015-2017 Work Programme foreseeing an autonomous framework agreement on active ageing and an intergenerational approach.

In the negotiations that took place throughout 2016, CEC was represented by Anna Thoursie, Chief Economist of Ledarna (Swedish CEC Member). The agreement calls for measures ensuring the participation of older workers until the legal retirement age, while at the same time facilitating the integration of young workers in the labour market. The cross-sectoral measures require enhancing the knowledge, skills and sensibilities of the workforce and particularly of managers implementing these measures.

Age-sensitive management has to account for the specific needs related to health and capacity development of the workforce. Ensuring a healthy and empowering working environment for all age groups is the precondition for innovation and growth in an ageing society. Without skilled managers who are given the right prerequisites for their work, the long-term health of workers, both physical and mental, could be at risk.

The agreement therefore identifies measures to be taken into account by social partners and/or HR managers in the context of national demographic and labour market realities, and in accordance with national practices and procedures specific to management and labour. CEC European Managers put a decisive emphasis on awareness-raising and competence development trainings in an age perspective for managers. The rich pool of skills of older workers constitutes a resource that has to be exploited through intergenerational learning approaches and mentoring programmes integrating young workers.