On the picture: Commissioner Marianne Thyssen

CEC European Managers welcomes the final proposal on the European Pillar of Social Rights

After the launch of the open consultation last year, the European Commission has delivered on April 26th its final proposal on the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Pillar has been adopted in the form of a Recommendation, that is a non-binding act through which the European Commission makes its opinion known without imposing any obligations, and will be “reinforced” by an interinstitutional proclamation that the Commission will propose to the European Parliament and the Council. The Pillar as such does not introduce any new rights, but rather complements the existing social acquis by compiling them in a list of 20 principles articulated around three chapters: equal opportunities and access to the labour market, fair working conditions and social protection and inclusion. In its present articulation, the Pillar serves as a “compass for a renewed process of convergence”, to use the definition of the European Commission. Its practical implementation will be made possible by the joint action of the EU, Member States and social partners, each of which in the respect of its own legal competences and national institutional traditions and schemes.

The first implementation measures of EU nature have been revealed in the same occasion: the European Commission presented a proposal for a new directive on work-life balance for parents and care givers, which sets a new range of provisions facilitating the equal take-up of family responsibilities for both women and men, and other initiatives on current EU employment-related legislation. Furthermore, the European Commission proposed the adoption of a new social scoreboard to be integrated in the process of the European Semester, which will be used to assess the performance of countries in the selected areas.

CEC European Managers welcomes the adoption of the Pillar, as an effective tool to go in the right direction of reinforcing the attention to social issues within the limits of the current Treaty provisions. As it did during the consultation process, CEC will continue to be present at social dialogue level to express the voice of the managerial workforce on how to further the implementation of the Pillar.

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