Meeting with Commissioner Schmit : turbulent times need orientation

Last November 12, the CEC Executive Board met Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit. The meeting represented an opportunity for exchanging on the priorities of CEC for the next years, in a socio-economic context marked by the recovery from the pandemic and the need to continue on the path to succeeding the twin transitions. 

On November 12 the board of CEC European Managers met with Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, responsible for Jobs and Social Rights. The meeting represented the occasion to present to the Commissioner the new leadership of CEC, elected during the Congress of May 2021, and introduce the new priorities for the action of the association in the course of the mandate.

From our work on sustainable leadership to the reflections on how the pandemic has accelerated telework and changed the way managers perform their duties, from the perspective of just transition to the new challenges of gender equality, the exchange touched on the various issues that are at the core of the EU social agenda. The importance of providing the workforce with the required skills to succeed in the transition – and particularly managers – was stressed by Commissioner Schmit, who highlighted the role social partners have to play to prevent the risk of skills shortage and help Europe emabrace the path of a sustainable recovery.

“Managers are key in making change happen, in the workplace and at societal level, and are willing to provide their support as bridge-builders to facilitate the exchanges between the different actors of the industry. In order to do so, they need to be involved in decision making and be offered the right tools to excel” commented Maxime Legrand.

The discussion also concerned the ongoing negotiations on the upcoming work program of EU social partners (in which CEC is involved) and comment on the recent legislative developments in the area of employment, with a particular focus on the initiative on minimum wages. In that respect, everyone agreed on the necessity to ensure the respect and promotion of social dialogue and social partners’ prerogatives (including at sectoral level).