CEC extremely concerned about no-deal consequences for managers

CEC European Managers, which represent around one million managers in Europe, are extremely concerned about the increasingly likely scenario of a disorderly no-deal Brexit. Managers, workers and citizens will enter a phase of legal uncertainty that will prove detrimental to the economy, social peace and trustful relationships among European partners. The respect of the rule of law and the commitment to parliamentary decisions is a European heritage that shall not be forgotten on both sides of the Channel.

As announced by the British government, a no-deal Brexit will end the free movement of people. But also EU and UK residents already living abroad may face hurdles, if the UK is to leave the EU without a deal. For these citizens, the UK government has announced that benefits and services will continue on the same terms as now. However, employees will no longer be under EU-protection from discrimination by employers or landlords. Furthermore, the British parliament’s human rights committee warned that EU nationals living in Britain could be refused access to UK benefits after Brexit, for example, social security payments and council housing. As concerns newcomers to the UK, they are likely to be subject to a skills-based immigration system for stays of more than three months.

CEC European Managers calls upon decision-makers on both sides of the Channel to ensure easy labour mobility after Brexit. Besides contributing to cultural and social exchanges, labour mobility is conducive to innovation, needed more than ever in a stagnating European economy.

If you would like to know more about UK citizen’s rights in EU Member States, you can consult this summary on Euronews.