Sustainable Leaders: Switzerland brings excellence to Sustainable Leadership

CEC European Managers is proudly welcoming and supporting the Sustainable Leaders Initiative in Switzerland. Launched by CEC’s Swiss Member Organisation SKO, it builds upon the Sustainable Leadership EU Project and the empirical evidence from its “Sustainable Leadership in Europe” study. Swiss managers are now invited to sign the Sustainable Leaders Charter, join the Initiative and learn becoming leaders of the transition.

Ludger Ramme – President of CEC European Managers

“The Sustainable Leaders Initiative in Switzerland is an innovative way of bringing excellence in leadership to the reality of management on the ground. We’re on track of building an international platform for Sustainable Leaders entering the mainstream.”
Ludger Ramme

Even though businesses increasingly put sustainability on their agenda, many workers and managers are not yet equipped with the resources needed for to shape the fair and green transition of our economy. As CEC’s Sustainable Leadership Project shows, much more needs to be done to create a new managerial standard able to cope with today’s interrelated and systemic challenges. Against that background, the new Sustainable Leaders Initiative by SKO (see presentation video below) provides an excellent opportunity for managers and executives in Switzerland to step up and create a network for transformative and professional change.

Managers and executives in Switzerland are now invited to sign the Sustainable Leaders Charter, join the Initiative and make use of the broad services offered. Among them, an annual Sustainable Leaders Forum and the access to the Sustainable Leaders Academy. Through their innovative platform, SKO sets the professional standards for new ways of transforming business. The Sustainable Leaders Initiative in Switzerland is coordinated by the SKO (Swiss Association of Managers) and piloted through a multi-stakeholder committee joined by CEC.

At European level, CEC European Managers is in favour of better framework conditions for Sustainable Corporate Governance, including through a transparent EU Taxonomy reflecting the Triple Bottom Line concept and strong social dialogue. More importantly however, it’s now about mainstreaming Sustainable Leadership at all levels of action. That’s why CEC’s Project on Sustainable Leadership equips managers across Europe with resources to become transition leaders. Besides boosting competences through the training programme, the project also investigates the leadership gaps, tools and patterns of the transition.

CEC European Managers, together with its project partners and the SKO, is looking forward continuing building an ecosystem for sustainable change in  leadership – in Switzerland, the EU and beyond.

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