Tripartite Social Summit: Leaders can bridge the gap says President Ramme

During his speech at the Tripartite Social Summit, the President of CEC European Managers, Ludger Ramme, highlighted the key role managers play in bridging the gap between reality and ambition for the green, social and digital transitions. While the global economy faces a historic recession and countries worldwide grapple with the handling of the Covid pandemics, managers need to become part of the solution to make the EU economy more resilient and sustainable.

During this key event for social dialogue in Europe, participants discussed how to implement an “inclusive economic and social recovery in Europe” together. In his speech, Ludger Ramme underlined the bridge-building role managers play both in their companies and in social dialogue. Managers will be crucial in accelerating a leadership culture in line with the profound transformation needs of our economic and social system.

“To be able to shape the transition, the European Union needs adequate transition skills, an ethical compass, as well as strong and inclusive social dialogue” Ludger Ramme, President of CEC European Managers

The Tripartite Social Summit is the largest forum for dialogue between the EU institutions and the European social partners. Taking place ahead of European Council meetings, this online session was attended by the representatives of social partner organizations, as well as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Council Charles Michel and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The summit is held at a time in which the EU is shaping its next Multiannual Financial Framework and Next Generation EU recovery programme.

Tripartite Social Summit Videoconference

For CEC European Managers, it is important to ensure that European managers – as part of the workforce – are supported in delivering on the EU’s priorities for the green and social recovery. According to a CEC survey in the context of the coronavirus, the majority of managers insist on clear criteria when granting access to financial recovery instruments. Furthermore, as the “Sustainable Leadership in Europe” study highlights, managers are not sufficiently skilled in building business models in line with the EU’s climate objectives, among other policy areas.

Social dialogue has proven to be an effective and efficient instrument to adjust to economic shocks. In Europe, social partnership has however suffered in many member states. Furthermore, the structure of social dialogue does not always allow for innovative and transformative solutions to be found. Today, it is crucial to work together to shape the working and social conditions of the future together, in line with the EU’s vision for a fairer and greener economy. CEC European Managers will continue to act as a reliable and constructive bridge-builder at all levels of social dialogue.

Please find the speech of Ludger Ramme in German (original) here

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