CIC at the International Labour Conference

At the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference held in Geneva, CEC president Maxime Legrand has held a speech on the future of work. The managers of tomorrow have a great role to play for building safe, decent and sustainable workplaces.  

“A transparent and open social dialogue must become the main tool to allow employers and workers to find suitable and sustainable solutions – in terms of financial feasibility, the environmental footprint and promoting working and living conditions. Among such new models, social economy applications represent a promising avenue for economic empowerment and societal progress for all.” Maxime Legrand, CEC’s president

On June 9th  2022, Maxime Legrand, president of CEC European Managers and CIC International Managers has addressed a message during the Plenary of the 110th Session of the ILO Conference (ILC). Governments’, workers’, and employers’ representatives of 187 ILO Member states discussed the ongoing issue of the world of work with a specific focus on decent work and how to ensure it becomes a reality for all workers on the globe. Other items included occupational safety and health, apprenticeships and social and solidarity economy.

On this occasion, Maxime Legrand underlined the importance of cooperation to ensure decent work and social dialogue. All active forces in the world of work should cooperate and be involved in policymaking processes to be better prepared for the challenges our society is facing, to this extent, an effective social dialogue system is fundamental. And in this context, managers can play a vital mediation role between the various economic and societal actors involved. 

In his speech, Maxime Legrand also evoked the catastrophic consequences of the war upon our societies, democracies and our economies. Today more than ever, our governments and their representatives must preserve peace and democracy. Among the highlights of the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference, the Conference plenary has adopted a fundamental provision, adding health and safety at work as the fifth category of ILO’s Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Declaration that sets the founding criteria of a global fair world of work.  

Read Maxime Legrand’s speech

Watch his live intervention here (from 03:47:28 )